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Hummer H3 Power Heated Leather Seats & Armrest in Colorado/Canyon
Topic Started: Feb 2 2012, 02:46 AM (3,974 Views)
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Project Name
How-to Install Hummer H3 Power Heated Leather Seats & Armrest

Project Description
How To Install Hummer H3 Power Heated Leather Seats with H3 Leather armrest in to a Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon, GMT355 vehicle platform and retain OEM air bags system.

Skill Level
3 out of 5

Project Vehicle
Make: GMC
Model: Canyon SLE 4wd
Year: 2006
Engine: 3.5L
Power windows: Yes
Sun Roof: No

Tools Needed:
18 mm socket for seat bolts.
T50 Torque driver for seat belt buckles.
Wire strippers/crimper's

Electrical tape
Wire loom
25 ft. of red 10 gauge wire.
25 ft. of brown 16 gauge wire.
1 x 40 amp mini fuse.
2 x 25 amp mini fuse.
3 inline heavy duty mini fuse holders.

Project Time
1 hour or less

Project Cost

pic's/write up presented by supermodulation from 355nation
Direct Link: http://www.355nation.net/forum/how-interior/15169-how-install-hummer-h3-power-heated-leather-seats-armrest.html

The H3 seats are a direct bolt in, however I had to swap all the seat belt buckles, airbag sensors (SIR), position sensor and wiring harness to adapt to my GMC Canyon. This mod is specific to the seat year and truck year. 2004 and 2005 year trucks only require the seat belt buckle sensor and position sensor where as the 2006 and later GMT355 trucks require a seat pressure sensor, position sensor and a seat belt sensor.

QUESTION: Do I have to modify the H3 seats bracket to mount them in my Colorado or Canyon truck?
ANSWER: No, The Hummer H3 seats have the same bolt pattern as the OEM bucket seats and will directly bolt in. You will need an 18mm socket for the 4 bolts.

QUESTION: What is the difference between the Deluxe bucket OEM seat verses the Hummer H3 Leather seat?
ANSWER: Other than the electronics, seat module and wiring harness the H3 seat is a little more firmer. The advantage of the H3 seat is it conforms around the individual by the use of a 6-way position manual controls located along side of the seat. The H3 seat back rest and kidney support is designed to keep the individual from moving around.

QUESTION: Are both seats the same height?
ANSWER: No, The H3 seat is several inches higher than the OEM Deluxe Bucket seat.

QUESTION: Comparing both seats, which one has greater seat travel?
ANSWER: The H3 seat can travel several more inches, front to back than the Canyon Deluxe Bucket seat.

2008 Hummer H3 Alpha Power / Heated front leather seats.
Purchased From EBAY for $600.00
Posted Image
Where to find Hummer H3 seats:

EBAY, motown-partsman - motown-partsman

EBAY, Schram-Auto-Parts - Schram Auto Parts

EBAY, LKQonline - eBay Store -LKQOnline

EBAY, stjamesautoparts - stjamesautoparts

Restraints - Passenger Presence Sensing System Cautions

Bulletin No.: 06-08-50-009B

Date: July 19, 2007


Information on Passenger Presence Sensing System (PPS or PSS) Concerns With Custom Upholstery, Accessory Seat Heaters or Other Comfort Enhancing Devices

2008 and Prior GM Cars and Trucks (including Saturn)
2008 and Prior HUMMER H2, H3
2005-2008 Saab 9-7X

with Passenger Presence Sensing System


This bulletin is being revised to include the 2008 model year. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 06-08-50-009A (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).

Concerns About Safety and Alterations to the Front Passenger Seat

The front passenger seat in many GM vehicles is equipped with a passenger sensing system that will turn off the right front passenger's frontal airbag under certain conditions, such as when an infant or child seat is present. In some vehicles, the passenger sensing system will also turn off the right front passenger's seat mounted side impact airbag. For the system to function properly, sensors are used in the seat to detect the presence of a properly-seated occupant. The passenger sensing system may not operate properly if the original seat trim is replaced (1) by non-GM covers, upholstery or trim, or (2) by GM covers, upholstery or trim designed for a different vehicle or (3) if any object, such as an aftermarket seat heater or a comfort enhancing pad or device is installed under the seat fabric or between the occupant and the seat fabric.

Aftermarket Seat Heaters, Custom Upholstery, and Comfort Enhancing Pads or Devices


Many types of aftermarket accessories are available to customers, upfitting shops, and dealers. Some of these devices sit on top of, or are Velcro(R) strapped to the seat while others such as seat heaters are installed under the seat fabric. Additionally, seat covers made of leather or other materials may have different padding thickness installed that could prevent the Passenger Sensing System from functioning properly. Never alter the vehicle seats. Never add pads or other devices to the seat cushion, as this may interfere with the operation of the Passenger Sensing System and either prevent proper deployment of the passenger airbag or prevent proper suppression of the passenger air bag.
2008 Hummer H3 Power / Heated Leather Seats.

Driver Seat Components.
Posted Image
1 - Heater Element Seat Back - Driver (KA1)
2 - Lumbar Pump Motor - Driver (AG1)
3 - Heater Element Seat Cushion - Driver (KA1)
4 - S306 (AG1)
5 - S312 (AG1)
6 - Seat Circuit Breaker (AG1)
7 - C307 (AG1)
8 - C308
9 - Heated Seat Module - Driver (KA1)
10 - Inflatable Restraint Seat Position Sensor (SPS) - Left
11 - Seat Motors - Driver (AG1)
12 - Seat Adjuster Switch - Driver (AG1)
13 - Lumbar Adjuster/Heater Switch - Driver (AG1)
14 - Seat Belt Buckle - Driver

Driver Power Connector:

Back of connector.
Orange wire is constant battery power. Use a 25 amp inline fuse
Brown wire is RAP signal or ignition.
Black wire is ground.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Driver Seat Position Sensor:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Passenger Seat Components.
Posted Image
1 - Inflatable Restraint Passenger Presence System (PPS) Module
2 - Heater Element Seat Cushion - Passenger (KA1)
3 - Seat Belt Buckle - Passenger C1
4 - Seat Belt Buckle - Passenger C2
5 - C320
6 - C315
7 - C318 (AG2)
8 - S341 (AG2)
9 - S316 (AG2)
10 - Inflatable Restraint Passenger Presence System (PPS)
11 - Inflatable Restraint Seat Position Sensor (SPS) - Right
12 - Lumbar Pump Motor - Passenger (AG2)
13 - Heater Element Seat Back - Passenger (KA1)
14 - Heated Seat Module - Passenger (KA1)
15 - Seat Motors - Passenger (AG2)
16 - Seat Belt Buckle - Passenger
17 - Lumbar Adjuster/Heater Switch - Passenger (AG2)
18 - Seat Adjuster Switch - Passenger (AG2)

Passenger Power Connector:

Back of connector.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Passenger Seat Position Sensor:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Electrical wiring

Passenger Seat, Wire harness swap.

Transfer the seat belt buckles, airbag sensors (SIR), position sensor and wiring harness from the GMC Canyon to the new H3 seats.

Top harness is from the Canyon seat and the bottom harness is the H3 seat.
Posted Image

Combining the Canyon and H3 harness's, remove electrical tape and wire loom.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Passenger wire harness finished:
Posted Image

Installing new CANYON/H3 harness in to the passenger seat.

Harness layout.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Left plug is H3 power, right plug is Canyon (SIR).
Posted Image

Using a T50 Torque driver, Re-use your original seat belt buckles.
Note: The 2008 H3 seat belt buckle will not fit a 2006 GMC Canyon
Posted Image

I had to fabricate a bracket to support the seat position sensor.
Note: The passenger seat position sensor was removed from the GMC Canyon seat and installed in the H3 seat.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Swap out seat module and pressure switch. (The correct one is Marked T355)
Posted Image

Installation Completed:
Posted Image

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